Latest Kanjivaram Pure Silk Saris Trends This Year 2023

Saris are timeless fashion statements which have been relevant for more than 100 years. Since time immemorial the 6-yard cloth has been in vogue with its versatility. This year 2023 we would be seeing the latest design in kanjivaram silk saris. 

Clio has always been a mark of quality, we've always believed in the mind and craftsmanship of local artisans and weavers to handcraft our silk sarees. The quality of the craftsmanship, pure silks and the experienced weavers we employ to weave each saree from our looms make Clio silks one of the finest silk saree boutiques in India. 

Clio Silks brings you the finest Collection of Pure kanjivaram Silks, Soft Silks, Lightweight silks, Banaras Silks, Tussar silks, Organza, Pure Cotton and much more. Our unparalleled online saree boutique and our store in Chennai provide a hassle-free shopping experience like never before with free shipping, video shopping, and easy returns with world-class services. 

Heritage Kanjivaram Silk Sari

Clio Silks pays homage to the master weavers of kanjivaram silks with the finely crafted heritage weaves collection. This creative exchange brings to life vintage designs fusing traditional colours with an element of luxury.

Big Borders and Contrast Border Korvai Kanjivaram Silk Sari

Our contemporary Kanjivaram collections are our designer and weavers' collaboration to bring out the best work which is unique and each design has an intricate detail of work in quality and craftsmanship. The contrast korvai borders,  big borders, and plain kanjivarams are woven with contemporary motifs and designs.

Checks and Stripes Kanjivaram Silk Saris 

The love for kanjivaram silk saris adheres to our ancestral traditions with the tales of the gods of their mythology coming through the sari they wear. The quintessential pazhum pazhamum checks kanjivaram silk sari requires skilful mastery over weaving checks in colours that combine in the most breathtaking pattern and are a staple in any South Indian woman’s wardrobe. 

Borderless Pure Kanjivaram Silk Sari

Borderless kanjivarams are elegant, sophisticated silk saris with elaborate or simple designs. Unlike the traditional border in kanjivaram silk saris, borderless kanjivarams are classy and contemporary. Clio Silks has a wide range of borderless kanjivarams from zari stripes, checks, half and half, threadwork and many more.