Silk Cotton Sarees


    Silk cotton sarees, also referred to as cotton silk sarees, are a type of exquisite traditional sarees that harmoniously blend the opulence of silk with the comforting embrace of cotton fabric. Our esteemed brand, Clio Silks, proudly presents an extensive range of silk cotton sarees originating from renowned regions like Maheshwari, Chanderi, Kora, Koorainadu, and other traditional silk cotton sarees. Renowned for their adaptability and suitability in diverse climates, these sarees boast a supple and velvety texture that effortlessly drapes and adorns. Available in an enchanting spectrum of colours, captivating designs, and intricate patterns, they range from elegantly understated prints to meticulously handwoven motifs. To augment their allure, silk cotton sarees are often embellished with resplendent adornments such as zari work, which entails intricate embroidery using gold or silver threads, ornate borders, and captivating pallus that gracefully cascade from the saree. These embellishments enhance the aesthetic appeal of the saree, rendering it an exquisite choice for momentous occasions like weddings, festivities, and celebrations.