Ikat Sarees

    Ikat sarees or Ikkat Sarees are a type of woven saree that are known for their characteristic blurred and intricate patterns. The fabric is dyed using a resist dyeing technique before it is woven, resulting in designs that have a slightly blurred effect. Ikat sarees are popular in many parts of India, and they are often prized for their vibrant colors and bold patterns. These sarees are typically handwoven and can be made from a variety of materials such as silk, cotton, or a combination of both. The ikkat Silk sarees is normally weaved from Pochampally, Andhra Pradesh and ikat cotton is weaved in Gujarat. Our ikat silk sarees are weaved my experienced weavers from Pochampally. Experience the wide and beautiful collection of ikkat silk sarees and Buy Pochampalli ikat silk sarees online only at Clio Silks.